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Dolphin ROV


This product has features of compact structure,easy operation,low failure rate and friendly maintenance.In particular,we adopts new material-Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE) material,which has high impact resistance,crash worthiness and pressure resistance.Meanwhile,This model is economical and very practical. It can perfectly accomplish the underwater inspection and simple salvage.Most importantly,this model is very cost-effective suitable for mass production.

Standard Configuration   Standard Configuration  
Monitor 7inch high light LCD,Handle control Camera 700lines camera
Light 10W LED light   4G DVR
Thruster 3sets of high power thruster Material UWMH-PE
Reel Simple reel Diving depth 150m
Speed 0-1m/s Manipulator arm Dismountable manipulator arm
  24V 5AH Battery   Underwater compass
Packing case Plastic case Robot size 690x410x300mm
Console size 270*200*100mm Robot weight 14kg
Console weight 2kg Options Depth sensor/GPS location

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