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Orca-A ROV


Orca A ROV is widely used in the research and education,underwater archaeology,oceanography,river and sea search,dams inspection,oil and gas rig work,aquaculture etc.The whole set is packed in a safe case which is easy to carry.

Standard Configuration   Standard Configuration  
Monitor 19inch high light LCD,embedded host computer control Camera 700tvl HD camera,180 degree vertical rotation
DVR 1T,video text overlay Cable 200M buoyancy cable,can bear weight of 100kg
Light 2*20W LED light,light tracks camera technology Thruster 4 sets of high power speed controllable thrusters.two sets control the robot to move forward,backward,left and right;two sets control the robot to move up and down.
Winding roll Reel with slip ring Outer packing Waterproof case
Material UHMW-PE material Diving depth 150m
Speed 3 knots   Depth keeping,auto depth sailing
  Surface compass and underwater compass   GPS location
  Dismountable manipulator Robot size 1000x650x500mm
Console size 480x380x240mm Robot weight 60kg
Console weight 15kg Options 4*1080P HD camera,four images panoramic display.

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