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Underwater Suspension Manipulator VVL-D130-4T

Can accurately grasping the tiny things

The whole structure is compact resistant and diving depth can reach 100M;It is easy to operate,you can use the thrusters to control the manipulator to move forward,backward,turn left and right,up and down to finish the precise grasp.It is widely used in the underwater search and salvage,underwater objects pickup,seafloor objects inspection and salvage.

Standard Configuration   Standard Configuration  
Monitor 7inch high light LCD,Handle control./Or you can choose15inch high light LCD,embedded host computer control. Camera 700tvl HD camera/Or you can choose 1080P HD camera
Light 20W LED light./Or you can choose 50W LED light   4G DVR/Or you can choose 500G NVR
Thruster 4 sets of high power thrusters Material UWMH-PE
  Simple reel Diving depth 100m
Cable length 50m-200m Manipulator Stainless steel manipulator
Packing case Plastic case   24V 5AH Battery /Or you can choose 100-240V power supply
  Underwater compass   Depth sensor
  GPS location Robot size&weight 600*370*370mm 17.5kg
Small console size&weight 270*200*100mm 3kg Big console size&weight 480*380*240mm 15kg

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