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Underwater Mining Robot

The VVL-LD600-4000 underwater suction and filtration mining robot developed and manufactured by our company can quickly and effectively collect the underwater deposits to the surface by carrying the conveying system and the water surface control system. This robot has been used for Russian customers in the exploitation of the Baltic Sea bottom amber mine.

The mining system of our company is mainly composed of several parts: design of underwater acquisition technology, underwater transportation technology of minerals, design and development of surface mining platform. The underwater self-propelled crawler mining robot is selected. The mining robot is composed of fuselage, crawler, mining head, hydraulic system, control system, sensors and instruments, umbilical cord cable, power distribution box and joint, conveying hose and accessories, buoyancy components and its measuring and controlling components. The design of power supply scheme and equipment for underwater prospecting, drilling technology and equipment, and the development of high efficiency water surface drilling platform are also the process steps that need to be optimized and perfected continuously in mining system.

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